Welcome to our site, and thanks for checking us out. Here is a brief overview of what you will find at the Life Center (LC).

LC is a place where you will experience real life church. Why? Because we realize that no one is perfect. There are no super-christians. We all make mistakes, we all mess up. It’s who we are. We aren’t making excuses, we just refuse to live behind a façade, making everyone think we’ve got it all together. We don’t excuse bad habits or destructive behavior, we just aren’t going to condemn anyone for them.

What is real life church? Glad you asked!!

    REAL: We understand that ALL people need a place to worship that is safe and genuine. We aren’t perfect and won’t pretend to be.

    LIFE: We all live it, and it brings a ton of challenges and ups and downs. At the Life Center, we strive to create an environment that isolates or judges no one.

    CHURCH: We ARE the church!  We are God’s imperfect people, saved by His grace, chosen by Him to make a difference in our world.  As His church, we  gather together to worship regularly. We believe that worship should connect with you where you are in life. Our worship services are engaging, uplifting, and even fun!  Life is better together!

We hope that you will come visit us at LC. We are a sincere group of people looking for and expecting life-change, not on our own, but from our Savior.

Come see us…you don’t even have to dress up. Come as you are!

Pastor Scott